Free Black Magic Spells – Beware What You Wish For

There is a rise of interest in recent times regarding free black magic spells. Many people, especially on the Internet, are offering their services, willing to cast these types of spells at a whim read more.

Dark or black magic is the type of sorcery that uses powers of darkness and usually has a unwholesome consciousness behind it. Any type of black magical workings are to be avoided and definitely anybody offering this type of ritual is to be mistrusted. Normally those using such rituals are out to steal, cause destruction or even in the worst cases to kill others or injure them.

Many people who dabble in dark arts do not care about other people or about the possible harmful consequences that could occur. When practiced, it is only usually for personal gain. By offering free spells, they are merely enticing a new person who into their fold. These practitioners often offer such services as break up rituals to split up a couple, dark magic love rites, free revenge rituals, voodoo and curses.

The term black magic is often used by practitioners of white or good magic who do not approve of those who are attracted to the darker forces.

However, it should be understood that just because it is called black magic it doesn’t necessarily mean it has malevolent intentions. It could just mean the practitioner has the aim of banishing something that is unwanted. For example, banishing a bully, banishing a disease or illness or warding off unwanted pests.

Often magician’s and witches are not best represented in the media or by Hollywood. Magical arts are often regarded as evil in general. Unfortunately, witches in movies are often portrayed as having malevolent intentions towards others and are seen to be using tools of the Craft such as the pentagram, cauldron and black candles. Unfortunately these things which are done and used in everyday, normal witchcraft have been linked, through movies, to black magic leading to the conception that these symbols are evil, hellish and linked with Satanism.

This is damaging to what is a very gentle, nature based worship. All magical arts tend to get tarnished with the same brush. There are people who think all forms of subtle energy is evil and linked with Satanism. Some people think that black or white rituals of the Craft are all under the same umbrella and should be avoided even if they have obvious good intention like used for peace, love or health.

But whatever you believe, remember the three-fold law of witchcraft which is the ethical rule followed by all conscientious practitioners. That whatever you choose to be the object or outcome of your spell, if there is unwholesome intent, the practitioner will get it back threefold. Those who offer goodness are more likely have honourable intentions and offer their skills out of the love of their practice in order to help others.

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